Domestic tourism

Domestic tourism

There are plenty of options and opportunities to taking a holiday break in Kenya
here are a few:

Family holiday
Taking break with the family is a great chance for you to spend some quality time together. Plenty of hotels and lodges have special entertainment, menus and activity programs just for kids which means they will be having the time of their lives  while you relax and unwind.
You’ll find that your time away lets you all do what you want and brings you closer together. The kids will not just have in the beach or exploring the wilderness they will probably learn a lot too. The only challenge is convincing them to  come home.

Romantic Getaway
There is nothing more romantic than a special break just for two. A surprise break is a great way to show somebody just how much you care or the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

When you do make your journey down the aisle why not top off your wonderful with an idyllic honeymoon in Kenya- one of the most romantic places on earth? If you’ve already taken the plunge- why not drop off the kids with family or friends and rediscover a second honeymoon or a third- or more.

Team Challenge
Want to bring your workmates even close together, improve their team skills, problem solving skills and broaden their outlook? An organised holiday or conference away for your team may just be what you are looking for. Time out of the office can open, clear and refresh the mind. A joint challenge an organised hike, white water rafting or rock climbing can strengthen bonds or teach us about working together.

Weekends away
a holiday doesn’t mean spending your entire annual leave away from home. There are a lot of options for short breaks away. A weekend is enough time for a break from your ordinary routine- whether it is exploring off the beaten track. Learning more about our culture and national heritage or just relaxing in a beautiful surroundings. You will be back to work on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.

Stop Over
Headed home to visit your family? Why not explore some local attractions in your home area. A single night stop over on a family trip will add a whole new element to your time off and you’ll probably learn things you never knew about that place you know so well.

Active Travel
The holiday feeling isn’t just about rest or relaxation its about experiencing life. If you want to stay active there’s always plenty to do in holiday- walk on a beach, play a round of golf, take a swim, catch some local sporting events or try something entirely new like water-skiing, diving, ballooning or for the really adventurous- bungee jumping.

Road Trips
Kenya is such a beautiful country. Have you tried a road trip travelling from town to town with stop overs along the trip. You will be shocked to see some of the places you always zoom through the high way without a thought. The road trip can take two to five days and you come back so refreshed and enlightened about your country, a trip you will never forget be it friends in a group or family we can spice it up for you to fit your needs and we can assure that you will be left craving for more.

Family and Friends
Do you find yourself sitting with your friends or family every Friday, trying to think of something to do over the weekend?  Get a group together and look beyond your usual choices- take a joint holiday or weekend away that you’ll never forget.  Holidays are all about having fun and making new friends is part of the fun. You may well come home with a bigger group of friends than you left with.

Special Events
Celebrate your birthdays, anniversary, engagements in style- with a holiday. Make a special event, much more special- it’ll be a day to remember.