A Day on safari!

Experience Magical Kenya the Safari Plains way…

By Luisa Caren

It begins the moment your plane touches down. Kenya! Africa! In the footsteps of great explorers, adventurers, writers, frontiersmen and royalty.

The next day your safari begins. Snow-capped mountains, Cavernous valleys, Vast deserts, Lush forests, Sparkling lakes, Arid plains, Romantic beaches, Vibrant waterfalls and most especially, animals by the thousands. The sleek cats …lion, leopard and cheetah. Elephants by the thundering herd. Exotic birds in every conceivable shape, size and colour. Wildebeest, rhino, eland, buffalo, zebra, gazelle, giraffe, waterbuck, klipspringer and impala are abundant and easily within your view.

Who knows what’s in store for you? Chance, and the skill of your driver, will determine whether you will see a family of cheetah sunning themselves sleepily on a rock, the drama of a lion kill or the thrill of an elephant charge. The trees in the distance turn out to be a family of giraffes. The clump of bushes is a pride of lions. And the rock that moves is a rhino lumbering out of your way. In any event, the sheer mass and spectacle of the animals surrounding you will provide endless opportunities to fill many an album of treasured memories.

You spend the night at a lodge, rustic and so very African from the outside, yet cool and elegant inside, surrounding you with luxury and pampering you with exquisite world-class service. No expense has been spared to provide for your every comfort.

Who knows what’s in store for you? Chance, and the skill of your driver, will determine whether you will see a family of cheetah sunning themselves sleepily on a rock, the drama of a lion kill or the thrill of an elephant charge. 

Sun up at 6:00 a.m. A brilliant orange ball. Steaming coffee awaits you as your driver prepares for an early morning game run. As soon as you are ready, it’s off into the bush. The dew is fast disappearing and the predators are on the prowl. Your driver expertly sets off in pursuit of the herds. Later back at the lodge, a hearty breakfast awaits and offers a quiet moment in which to share your experiences with fellow travellers. Animals may be seen at the waterhole. The vast open spaces and quiet calm of Africa are suddenly apparent as crisp, clear air allows you to see far into the distance.

Luncheon. Four courses, an extravagant variety of fresh and delicious foods. Coffee and cheese are served on the veranda overlooking the waterhole. Yet another opportunity to absorb the beauty that surrounds you. Then a couple of hours at the pool or just relaxing, while in the background you hear sounds of chattering monkeys, roaring lions and splashing elephants as they bathe in the waters nearby.

 A proper Kenyan Coffee/Tea on the veranda is followed by an afternoon game drive. The sun is making its way down to the horizon — its blaze of red produces long, enigmatic shadows — the perfect camouflage for all concerned.

Your driver is busily pointing out a dazzling array of happenings. For camera buffs, these are the ultimate moments. Return to the lodge several hours later. Piping hot showers or leisurely baths remove a thin veil of red dust to reveal the beginnings of an appealing tan. “Sundowners” at the bar precede dinner, a delectable meal with a splendid array of choices, offering just the right mixture of continental and local cuisine, prepared by chefs who would be at home in any of the kitchens of the world’s finest hotels. 

The meal over, it is time to gather around the fireplace and trade tales or sit quietly on the veranda watching the game converge on the waterhole as evening shadows envelop the world. It’s getting cool and you are ready for bed. The hardy may wish to stay up well into the night, scanning the surrounding grounds for a lone animal. Should you wish to observe a specific species that may turn up during the course of the night (in one of your lodges during the safari) a wake-u call can be arranged.

A well-earned night’s sleep and then it is morning. The warm rays of the African sun awaken you for another day of safari adventure.

                                                 And then…!

After a number of days on safari in the national parks, you are flown or road driven to the Kenyan coastal beaches from south coast Diani rated and fated as one of the best beaches, to north coast Malindi you will be able to relax and finish your safari on a high note:-The beaches have an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication.

Today is yours to do as you wish

You can charter a boat to go deep sea fishing, swim or go scuba diving in the worm waters of the Indian Ocean, walk into the villages of the surrounding, visit prehistoric sites like: Gedi Ruins or Shimoni slave Trade caves, go birding at a nearby lagoon, or just kick back and enjoy the tropical sunshine at the beach or around the pool, for your final day and evening in Africa, a night full of of entertainment and fun.

Next day you have the morning and part of the afternoon to once again enjoy our coastal retreat. After lunch you are transferred to the airport /airstrip for your final one hour direct flight back to Nairobi for your connecting flight back home.

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