About Us

About Us

We believe that Safaris are often a once-in-a lifetime experience, why compromise on YOUR experience!

Safari Plains Africa Ltd is a registered Tour Operations Company that was borne out of a passion for exquisite and unique traveling experiences dedicated specifically for the traveler! The Company has grown with friends made across the globe and dedication to what makes each individual traveler tick!

We believe that Safaris are often a once-in-a lifetime experience, why compromise on YOUR experience?! Our motto is to ensure you that every expectation is met plus more whether it be the thoughtful surprises we know you will appreciate, or making your stay a home away from home!

From taking the role of Safari planners, planning corporate team outings, fun adventures for friends and family as well as romantic rendezvous’ for couples, Safari Plains Africa takes it in its stride and will deliver the best.. .of the best!

We do this through well thought safaris that can be tailor made to fit your budget, from Holiday safaris within East Africa to weekend excursions, we have plenty that will leave you spoilt for choice. Join us as individual travelers, couples, families, friends, business partners and we guarantee you a trip that will reinforce your relationships as well as give you opportunities to make new ones! We believe that traveling is an experience of the Mind, Body and Soul.

Safari Plains Africa caters for all experiences from the adventures basic styles to the very top end luxurious styles! Let us make one for you, your friends or organization and become a party of Safari Plains Africa ever growing family… !. SAFARI PLAINS AFRICA LTD is not just a business — it’s a passion!

Our Mission

To provide quality and friendly, competitive service that surpasses our customer expectations ensuring satisfaction yet leaving them craving for more.

Our Vision

To make Safari Plains Africa Ltd the customer choice, a regional layer in sustainable Tourism for national development and prosperity.

Our Core Values

  • Friendly customer loyalty
  • Excellence
  • Responsiveness
  • Fun
  • Integrity
  • Team Work

Our Team

Mr. Basil K. Mwakulomba

Managing Director

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Mr. John S. Thiende

Marketing Director

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Mrs. Luisa Rono

Executive Director

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Happy clients

Here is what our clients say about us

  • Erin Carrack

    Basil, Thank you so much for arranging this trip for us we really appreciate you for accommodating all our wishes and working with to coordinate our plans we thoroughly enjoyed Kenya and want to return again. Asante sana sana!

    Erin Carrack
  • Joan Olsen
    Basil, We would both like to thank you for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity. The experience we have had is one which everyone should have, thank you for making so easy for us to travel in your beautiful country. We hope to return sometime and bring our children so that they can also what a magnificent country you have.
    Joan Olsen
  • Mary Witt
    Dear Basil, I was so pleased to hear from you inviting Bill and me to come back to Kenya. And we would absolutely love to do just that. Our trip in 2013 ranks right at the top of our most memorable and wonderful travels. Your family hosted us at your home and I will never forget the lovely evening meeting your beautiful family. It saddens us to read about Kenya’s unrest but if Bill and I ever have a chance to return to your country we will do so. We know you and John take the utmost care in planning to make the trip safe–a #1 priority. We trust you explicitly and appreciate all you did to make our first trip outstanding.
    Mary Witt
  • Deborah Metzger
    Basil, You made a great trip even better. Thank you so much for your friendlly smile all the time you exemplify hakuna matata, I really appreciate it. I hope to meet again in the not distant future. Best Regards Bebbu Metzer
    Deborah Metzger
  • Mona & Kerry
    Basil, Thank you for showing us your home - Kenya. please accept our deepest gratitudefor your assistance and for Jane's help as well. All the best! Mona & Kerry
    Mona & Kerry
  • Robin Barton
    Basil- Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. I had so much fun. Thank you for sharing your family and being so gracious and accomodating. Warm Regards Robin Barjan
    Robin Barton
  • Marilyn
    Basil, I don't have any paper so I'm just going to tell you on this enevelope, this was an amazing trip- so mauch more than I could imagine. Thank you Marilyn
  • A Friend
    Basil- Thank you for helping us have an amazing trip here in beautiful Kenya. We feel so fortunate to have had you and John lead our trip. I hope someday that you and Jane come to Alaska so that we can share our home state with you both. Again Thank you.
    A Friend
  • What can you say about the perfect trip? How many words can you expend on attempting to convey the contrast of scenery, from the cool, lush forest of Mt. Kenya to the hauntingly stark and brutally hot plains of Samburu? How many times can you explain the sheer improbability of it all; of taking a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, concluding with a bumpy landing and a champagne breakfast on the savanna; of a black rhino emerging from the undergrowth to spend a good ten minutes regarding you uncertainly; of having to slam on the brakes as a leopard saunters across the path in front of you? Oh! I’ve tried, and so I’m sure has everyone else who was on the same trip – and, for that matter, anyone who has spent time on safari. None of this would have been possible without the knowledge, organization and tireless efforts of John and Basil, and would have been far less enjoyable without their kind-hearted and joyful personalities. I am grateful also to the 16 new friends I made; but most of all, I am forever indebted to Loni Laurent, for being the perfect traveling companion and so very much more. Kieran Mulvaney